Why DJ Instruments?

For the past forty years, our engineers have been creating unique solutions for pressure, load and torque sensors. That represents a lot of valuable experience—and a lot of satisfied customers. Today, we’re fortunate to be able to combine our small company culture of individualized solutions with the strength and knowledge of our parent company, Dynisco, Inc.

Custom Manufacturing

At DJ Instruments, the keys to our manufacturing advantage lie in our people and facilities. Our craftspeople are masters at creating great, customized sensing equipment that’s always in scope. They have years of experience in ultrafine wire soldering and other difficult techniques. Our production facilities specialize in the full gamut of electromechanical assemblies to make sensors that fit exact specifications.

Custom Engineering

Our engineers believe in the importance of customer involvement. That means not just settling for the occasional e-mail, but also making personal connections through regular phone calls and site visits. The more closely we work with our customers, the better we can understand and satisfy their needs.

Quick Response and Delivery

Oftentimes, our customers approach us with extremely urgent assignments. To accommodate these time-sensitive situations, we have become specialized in rapid-response delivery. The teams at DJ Instruments are very accustomed to working within accelerated development cycles, supported by in-house manufacturing resources that give them a head start on delivering the required production quantities.

Sometimes we can even help after key production deadlines have elapsed. For example, one customer called us after their product already shipped!

Service and Support

We stand by our products. Beyond offering the industry-standard 1-year warranty, we also provide repair and replacement services, should they ever be needed. Our technical support is steadfast and flexible. We can accommodate sudden, new specifications even after the start of production. We continue to work with your engineers and production people as necessary, providing service and support, including further visits to your site when required. From beginning to end, and beyond, DJ Instruments is committed to ensuring your complete—and continuing—satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement and Cost Minimization

The process does not stop once DJ Instruments creates a custom solution for a client. We continue to actively seek cost reduction opportunities through researching new efficiencies in design and supply chain management. This commitment is a unique and integral part of our company culture that provides massive dividends, especially for our long-term customers.